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Sexy, intimate gifts for naughty, nice couples

Happy Holidays everyone! It's absolutely ludicrous right now with finals, end of the semester, dreary weather approaching and holiday shopping. I have decided to help you out a little and compile a top 10 gift ideas list for when you need something creative or something sexy.


Cozy up with affordable comfort food

It is that time of year again. Brisk air, warm blankets, hot cocoa and snuggling followed by turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and Black Friday. I know it well. Not only is it Thanksgiving, but it is also my birthday, my mom's birthday, my grandma's birthday and Christmas.


The good, the bad, the one: enjoy dating, fall weather

I've talked a lot about putting yourself out there and not being afraid to make a move. But what about the people who are looking for something more than just a booty call? What about finding that special someone with whom you have an inexplicable bond? How in the world is it possible to go about finding your one true love? Again, I'm only offering my two cents here, but you don't need to make every endeavor to find this deep emotional connection with a significant other.


Exploring politics of going down: places, spaces not to fear

Since we are in the heat of the election season and judgment day is just around the corner, I figured I would inform the public about a newfound discovery: the Web sites ObamaCondoms.com, McCainCondoms.com and ThePalinCondom.com. Benjamin Sherman, Practice Safe Policy's vice president of marketing, said in a press release that "our intention is to expose the unspoken, steamy connection between getting elected and getting laid.


Pie, zoo spark animal instincts

I find that a huge problem for people who come to college is whether or not to break up with your significant other from home. Since it's the fall semester, I also assume that a lot of freshmen are possibly encountering this situation. I suppose this is a touchy subject because every situation is obviously different, but I'd like to throw in my two cents.


Dates to please both jokesters, romantics

A friend of mine was trying to advise me on all of those unwritten rules of dating - how people, even though they complain like hell about it, love the chase. Or even how a small thing like a text message at the wrong time could be a disaster. I was thinking about this and wondered, what fostered these ludicrous rules? Is it the media, with shows and movies portraying over-analytical characters plotting and scheming their next moves? Or is it some natural instinct of ours to be so curious to stalk our prospective mate for hours on Facebook? Listen, all I'm saying is I know there are a ton of different ways to handle a situation, and a lot of different personalities out there.


Don't fear old-fashioned romance

I'd like to think that I'm quite the romantic. But even I have a hard time finding someone to share the romance. Unfortunately, I feel that most people nowadays are too afraid to be thoughtful and compassionate for fear of being too clingy, too pushy, too awkward - the list goes on and on.

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