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The Eagle is the student newspaper of record for American University and is editorially independent from the University. The Eagle's mission is to serve as a historical record of the news and events of the American University community. Therefore, The Eagle generally does not remove The Eagle's curated content from its website (, including its online archives. In case of a factual error, The Eagle's created content will be corrected and updated with an editor's note, but not removed. The Eagle prioritizes the truthfulness and accuracy of our stories. 

If you feel there is a factual error regarding an article, column, photo, or other material created by The Eagle, please submit your formal request to the below address, including with your request 1) the name of the written work, 2) its author, 3) the date of publication, 4) a hyperlink to the online version, 5) the factual error in question and 6) any supporting documents. Requests should be submitted to Past articles with corrections appended are included in this section, and we will update this section with corrections from our current body of work. 

Campus Life
Straight from print: Students battle hunger at AU

This article originally appeared in The Eagle’s December 9 special edition. Students, faculty and student organizations are joining forces to work to create a potential food pantry at AU for students who suffer from food insecurity. Food insecurity is not limited to those who may go years without access to reliable food sources— sometimes it just means not knowing where your next meal will come from for a semester, month or even just in the next week.

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