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Six back-to-school style tips to welcome the fall

(08/15/19 4:00am)

Back-to-school commercials have returned as a bittersweet reminder that Aug. 26 is approaching. It’s time to grab both new pencils and updated patterns to start this semester in style. Whether you’re looking to spend money on new clothes this semester or recycle trends from the back of your closet, the following patterns and piece suggestions will provide you with options that can help your wardrobe seamlessly transition from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn. 

D.C. ice creameries serve refreshing deals for National Ice Cream Day

(07/20/19 9:04pm)

Summer days in D.C. can get unbearably hot and humid, but luckily National Ice Cream Day allows those spending their summer in the District to cool down in the sweetest way. National Ice Cream Day is July 21, and regardless of whether you were ready for it or not, the District’s ice cream shops are geared up with the best deals and promotions. Whether you’re an ice cream enthusiast or just a sweaty intern with a hankering for a dessert to cool you down, here are the best places to spend your National Ice Cream Day.

Best spots to exercise in D.C. this summer

(07/13/19 9:00pm)

Whether you’re interning, taking summer classes, or are living in the city full time, everyone should know about the best spots in D.C. to exercise. While the comfort of Jacobs and Cassell is perfect for the winter, the summer is a great time to break a sweat outside and see the beauty of D.C. While summer can often be stressful and lonely, exercise can improve mental health. These spots are excellent for staying active, seeing the city and soaking up the summer sun.

5 cultural food festivals to try in the District this summer

(06/13/19 5:50pm)

Summer is here, which means many local businesses, organizations and venues are busy cooking up all kinds of fun dishes to cater to D.C. residents. Rather than spending all your free time at beaches, pools and waterparks, sample signature dishes at some of the various food events and festivals the District has to offer. From wine tastings to cultural food events, here are some events that can make your mouth water. 

Identities: Hello, my name isn’t

(06/12/19 4:00pm)

In first grade, when a boy called me by my “real name” after getting a glimpse of my school bus pass, I did, in fact, try to report it as bullying. It was so hurtful and invalidating, which is why I acted the way I did. Hearing my legal and preferred names tossed around interchangeably was like I was living a double life. Situations like these only worsened as I grew older. I cried when the wrong name was read at my fifth grade graduation, and was extremely embarrassed when I was told in order for my name to be printed the way I wish in my high school yearbook, I must have a note from a parent.