The Weekend Scene: Aug. 5-7

Jazz in the Garden The National Gallery of Art holds unique musical performances every Friday evening all summer long as part of their Jazz in the Garden Series.

​Mixtape Review: Summer Songs 2

Joining a yacht club has never been easier (if by yacht club it’s actually the group of fans of an 18-year-old rapper from Atlanta and by join it’s actually learning to embrace his idiosyncrasies). Lil Yachty, aka Darnell Boat, aka red braided Yeezy Season 3 model, aka King of the Teens, continued his rise by dropping his second mixtape of 2016, aptly named “Summer Songs 2.” For those new to the Lil Yachty movement, he is a teenage rapper who doesn’t actually consider himself one, who has developed a significant following over the past year.

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