YouTube turns YouFit

Tired of the gym? Pull out your computer and start sweating from the comfort of your dorm

YouTube turns YouFit

Working out in college can be hard. Sure, we have the Jacobs and Cassell Fitness Centers, but after awhile running and weightlifting can seem pretty dull. Plus, once it’s dark and cold outside the trek from your dorm to the gym can seem like a marathon in its own right.

Thankfully, the Internet has once again come bearing gifts via YouTube. The growing number of YouTube fitness channels make exercise accessible and free. I browsed some channels in an attempt to find three popular exercise YouTubers whose workouts would be practical for college students.

My criteria included: no equipment or professional excessive space necessary, they couldn’t have excessive jumping or anything that would bother neighbors in the dorm room below, and they had to be time efficient.

Yoga with Adriene

Video style: Yoga routines

Video I tried: Yoga Tone - Yoga For Weight Loss

It wasn’t until 15 minutes into the 22 minute video that it started to really start to feel like a workout, but once it did I could really feel my abs working. Her channel has an assortment of playlists that cater to a wide variety of health goals someone might use yoga to achieve, from weightloss to trouble sleeping. It wasn’t really a sweaty workout, but at the end, I was notably more stretched and felt surprisingly refreshed.

Recommended for: That weird hour and a half break you have between classes in the middle of the day.

The Fitness Marshall

Video style: Hip-hop cardio videos

Video I tried: Worth It - The Fitness Marshall - Cardio Hip-Hop

The thing to remember with dance workouts is that you usually need to tackle a few in a row to work up a sweat, but that being said, I found The Fitness Marshall’s videos were a great warm up before trying some longer videos, such as the “Slim ‘n Sculpt!”one listed below. Did I look ridiculous trying to mimic the Marshall’s hip-swinging moves? Absolutely. But he has so much fun in his videos, and doing the moves (regardless of how uncoordinated it made me seem) was a blast.

Recommend for: A pre-run warmup, or when you just really want to let loose before heading out on a Friday night.


Video style: POP Pilates

Video I tried: Slim 'n Sculpt! Beginner's POP Pilates

Arguably the most popular fitness YouTube channel, Blogilates holds up to its reputation. This is what you should go for if you want a more “traditional” workout. I worked up a sweat in no time and had every muscle aching by the end. Content creator Cassey Ho also has a blog that is complete with motivation, recipes and calendars to help schedule a month of working out with her videos.

Recommend for: When you decide you’re finally going to go all out and get in shape a week before spring break. 

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