The Scene’s Welcome Week 2016 playlist

Welcome freshmen, to your very own week!

The Scene’s Welcome Week 2016 playlist

Lupe Fiasco plays for a crowd of AU students in Bender Arena on Aug. 24, 2013, a Welcome Week concert hosted by the Student Union Board.

Freshmen: as you’re out making “Welcome Week friends,” “real friends” and “in a backyard at 1 a.m. friends forever;” listen to your very own playlist!

An expertly curated mix of two distinct eras in your life. Starting with 25 hit songs from your youth; these might make people shake their heads and roll their eyes, but will undoubtedly make those same people smirk a little and maybe even start dancing. Nothing brings people together like songs they used to complain about hearing too frequently. Balancing out this retro half of the playlist is a series of 25 songs that have come out recently and have the potential to become smash-hits. These are the tracks that will inevitably become the soundtrack of your college experience and the sounds you will come to associate with new friends and new experiences.

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