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Student Government presidential candidates discuss advocacy, campus issues and goals at debate

(04/07/23 3:24pm)

Candidates for student body president discussed their goals and campaign platforms at a Tuesday debate held by the American University Student Government’s Elections Commission in partnership with the Kennedy Political Union and The American Agora, a student-run public affairs commentary site.

Edwin Santos, primer candidato Latino a la presidencia de gobierno estudiantil en AU

(04/06/23 4:39pm)

Edwin Santos es un estudiante originalmente de Virginia, pero de padres salvadoreños. Se enorgullece de ser hijo de inmigrantes y de ser primera generación. Se está desarrollando en Estudios Legales, con una maestría en administración pública. Actualmente cursa su tercer año en American University y se ha desempeñado en actividades en campus siendo el co-fundador de Latinos en Acción, una de las organizaciones estudiantiles con más rápido crecimiento en la universidad. Fuera del campus, se dedica a defender los derechos de los inmigrantes y crear conciencia sobre las injusticias que los inmigrantes latinos sufren. Actualmente él es candidato Latino aspirando conseguir el puesto de presidente en las elecciones estudiantiles comenzando hoy.  

AU ANC’s one-vote tie raises concerns over lack of student engagement in local politics

(04/05/23 3:39pm)

As the elected officials for American University’s two on-campus Advisory Neighborhood Commission districts, School of Public Affairs freshman Diego Carney and College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Rohin Ghosh have spent the last three months advocating on neighborhood issues that affect students. 

Opinion: DeSantis’ Florida is American education’s event horizon

(04/04/23 5:39pm)

Books assigned as in-class readings in elementary, middle and high school curriculums represent the first step in a student’s journey toward future academic and professional careers. From second grade to senior year, and from Dr. Suess to Dostoyevsky, reading is integral to learning and academic progress. For decades, access to a wide range of fictional novels and historical works were a formative cornerstone of American schooling.

Opinion: Identity politics in Student Government elections won’t save us, it never has

(03/31/23 12:00pm)

Historically, we have been charmed by “firsts” — the first Black U.S. president and vice president, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court and, within our own American University community, our first Black male and female Student Government presidents. When we heavily indulge in these identities, our ability to recognize their shortcomings and effectively critique their work as representatives of the people falls short. This issue has been present within SG and will occur during the current election. 

With men’s basketball in the spotlight this season, fans and community express hope for increased attention to women’s basketball

(03/29/23 3:21pm)

The American University men’s basketball team had a great season this year, especially compared to seasons of the past. They had improved a previous 10-22 losing record in the 2021-2022 season to a winning 17-15 this season. Taking down the Georgetown Hoyas for the first time in 40 years, ending the Colgate Raiders’ 27 Patriot League game win streak and taking down No. 2 Navy in the Patriot League quarterfinals are all highlights of their newfound success this season.

The Drip: Change up your Dav order with unique combinations and new flavor

(03/29/23 3:03pm)

Coffee is a staple for college students, and American University students are no exception. For many, on-campus coffee shops are a popular spot. With unique and delicious drinks ranging from a mango matcha to a vanilla iced dirty chai, students can get creative with their orders at the Davenport Coffee Lounge, one of AU’s student-run coffee shops. 

Looking to amp up your sustainability shopping game? Try these local options

(03/28/23 2:23pm)

There are many ways shopping habits can create harm to the environment. Online shopping produces significant packaging waste and high greenhouse gas emissions. Shopping in-person is not always a better alternative due to waste from shopping bags or from certain industries like fast fashion, which is responsible for eight to ten percent of global emissions.

Opinion: Another ‘That ‘70s Show’ abuser bites the dust

(03/28/23 12:00pm)

A few months ago, I wrote this piece after finding that my TikTok for you page had been filled with videos featuring the Demi Lovato song, “29.” At first, I scrolled through mindlessly, paying no attention to the details or contents of the TikTok videos, until one day I did. “Holy s***,” I thought. Then, I listened to the full song.