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Get wet with these water sports

(04/20/15 6:36pm)

As the sun heats the District, you may be tempted to venture outdoors and soak up the rays. But staying in the heat too long will make you sweat, and nobody likes sweating. The following list of activities will provide you with effective remedies to cure those sweltering glands. Spring’s here, so take advantage of the warm weather, head outside and get wet with a canoe, a fishing rod and a tube.

Melt Shop: A taste test in four parts

(03/06/15 8:51pm)

There are enough burger shops in this world, but there aren’t enough grilled cheese shops. For now, it looks like Melt Shop (located near the intersection of 19th Street and L Street, near the Farragut North Metro stop) is the only carb and dairy spot D.C. needs. And who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Four of The Eagle’s staff were more than enthused to collaborate on a grilled cheese tour at the downtown shop. Check out each of our mini-reviews below to see if Melt Shop is right for you.

Learn a lesson at Captain Cookie & The Milkman

(02/24/15 6:56pm)

When I heard that Captain Cookie & the Milkman had added a store to its food truck prodigy, I knew my foreseeable future included a ton of cookies, several cups of milk and a damaged body. Nothing entices me more than the thought of sinking my teeth into a soft, warm cookie and then washing it all down with a glass of cold, silky soy milk. In my mind, Captain Cookie would bring this thought to reality, fulfilling both my dreams and appetite.

Valentine’s Day restaurants to excite your night

(02/11/15 2:00pm)

Those of us lucky enough to have a significant other may feel worried when choosing a restaurant for a Valentine’s Day dinner. I understand that nobody in a relationship would want to jeopardize his or her romance by taking a partner to a subpar restaurant, so here are five establishments that will hopefully aid in your Valentine endeavors– whatever those endeavors may be.

Out of Northwest: Cava Mezze in Arlington

(01/23/15 5:53pm)

I had heard of the sit-down Cava Mezze before. A friend of mine always described it as a replica of the Cava Grill in Tenleytown, where a waiter or waitress would provide a menu that contained all of your favorite meats, spreads and toppings that you would expect from Cava Grill. But after I stepped into the establishment located in Arlington, Virginia, I came to realize that this was no Tenleytown and this was definitely no Cava Grill.