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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Learn a lesson at Captain Cookie & The Milkman

When I heard that Captain Cookie & the Milkman had added a store to its food truck prodigy, I knew my foreseeable future included a ton of cookies, several cups of milk and a damaged body. Nothing entices me more than the thought of sinking my teeth into a soft, warm cookie and then washing it all down with a glass of cold, silky soy milk. In my mind, Captain Cookie would bring this thought to reality, fulfilling both my dreams and appetite.

Captain Cookie offers several types of cookies, including traditional chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin. The store also offers a vegan chocolate chip cookie made with a house special vegan butter the owner churns himself. Unlike other bakeries that offer a plethora of different desserts, Captain Cookie strictly serves cookies and cookie related products, such as cookie ice cream sandwiches called “chipwiches,” milkshakes and milk (2 percent, whole, chocolate, skim and soy). This limited menu most likely derives from the bakery’s origins.

Captain Cookie's Chipwhich FREDDY RODRIGUEZ

The founder of the establishment, Kirk Francis, also known as Captain Cookie, formed an unusual obsession with chocolate chip cookies at the age of four, according to the bakery’s website. After experimenting with cookie recipes for over 20 years, Francis finally found the unique and tasty formula for his perfect cookie.

I ordered a chipwich, a vegan chocolate chip cookie, a snickerdoodle cookie and a glass of soy milk. My large order shocked the cashier, but I find eating cookies the best thing you can do by yourself, so I wanted to buy as many as I could possibly eat.

Once the friendly cashier handed over my cookies, I went upstairs to sit in the dining area. I didn’t expect the bakery’s seating environment to be elaborate, neat or fun to look at but it was. Comic styled drawings filled the sky blue walls and red chairs added a pop of color to the room. I felt like a child again as I sat in Captain Cookie’s lively room and shoved cookie after cookie in my mouth.

The chipwhich proved messy but tasty. Although I noticed nothing particularly special about the locally made vanilla ice cream, the cookie itself tasted outrageously delicious. Often times, I find cookies either too hard or too soft. However, Captain Cookie’s creation was a happy medium of hard and soft. The chocolate chip cookie and its vegan sister had ideal amounts of chocolate chips, which felt nice and chewy. The cookies were dippable and, coupled with the soy milk, made it hard for me to justify eating the snickerdoodle.

I felt stuffed after the chipwich, the vegan cookie and the glass of milk, which costs a total of $6.50 (cheap dinner?). On any other occasion, I would have waved a white flag, symbolizing that I could not fit anymore in. However, I ordered the snickerdoodle cookie and it looked too good to be thrown away. So, I sucked up the pain and proceeded to fill my mouth with this highly attractive dessert.

Captain Cookie's snickerdoodle cookie. FREDDY RODRIGUEZ/THE EAGLE

Although Captain Cookie spent over 20 years trying to perfect his chocolate chip cookie, it tasted like he spent the same time perfecting his snickerdoodle cookie. The big snickerdoodle cookie not only outsized both chocolate chip cookies, but also superseded the chocolate chip cookie in deliciousness. In my mouth, this cookie melted into several pieces, proving its moistness and softness.

Eating the snickerdoodle cookie taught me an important lesson that you will also learn if you take a trip to Captain Cookie: If you don’t think you can take anymore, a trip to Captain Cookie will always prove otherwise, because some things are just too good to not finish.

How to Get There

Metro: Foggy Bottom Metro stop, Blue Line

Address: 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

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