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Lose your panties, gain sexiness

(10/30/03 5:00am)

With semi-formals in progress and formals underway, I thought it was time to discuss fraternity and sorority formal dates. Generally, there are two types of dates: the friend you drag along because you're not dating anyone, or your significant other. To make the night exciting and fun, you and your date should adhere to a certain set of rules. I will start out with the "just friends" date.

Putting the 'senses' back in the sensual

(10/16/03 4:00am)

The physical attraction of men and women triggers the drive to have sex. But what other factors play into the role of initiating the first sexual encounter with the other sex? The five senses are extremely important elements in this process, along with the perfect body language. These components combined could be considered the recipe for a sexual excursion never to forget.

Sex and sensibility

(10/02/03 4:00am)

During my sophomore year it became apparent to me that my peers explored the sexual realm of expressing their orgasms. I ran out of Anderson Hall one night and saw one of my roommates sitting on the benches with a stunned look on her face. I asked if anything was wrong, and she replied that for the last 15 minutes a girl had been moaning so loud that the Letts-Anderson Quad was echoing.

Making buddies and booty calls

(09/18/03 4:00am)

So, I know everybody is having sex. We are into the first month of school, so I hope all of you have committed yourself to one person (all right, fine - two or three people). And I hope you no longer have sex due to influential substances or hopes to climb the social hierarchy. It should be purely for your pleasure. No more one-night stands, now your chosen ones should be new cell phone numbers.