Putting the 'senses' back in the sensual

Column: Sex and Sensibility

The physical attraction of men and women triggers the drive to have sex. But what other factors play into the role of initiating the first sexual encounter with the other sex? The five senses are extremely important elements in this process, along with the perfect body language. These components combined could be considered the recipe for a sexual excursion never to forget.

The senses are key players in the development of having sex with both monogamous and sexually frivolous individuals. Have you ever thought about what scent or sight makes you weak in the knees? Here is a list of some of the suggestions that grab, arousing attention from both the male and female:


For one male's description of female arousal, he basically views three things: The body, the face and the issue of time in pursuing her. Of course, this is coming from a 20-year-old male's perspective, but let's be honest - this is what most males think and attempt to execute.

He also added that a girl can be incredibly sexual in many ways, besides how she looks. This is all depending on whether she decides to try and be sexual, because most males are attracted to anything that is worth chasing.

Any girl would agree that you need to be physically attracted to the guy with whom you have sexual relations. These views can differ from girl to girl but in my personal opinion, a male needs to be handsome, not pretty, and someone you can laugh with during sex, which eases the tension of "first-time flops."


For most males, the scent of a female should be pungent.

"Any girl should wear perfume, because in nature, girls should smell better than boys," a male said. In most males' minds, a girl should have a scent to her - not necessarily a perfume smell, but body wash, kiwi shampoo, lotion, and maybe a perfume all mixed up into one revitalizing aroma. The girl's other body parts that somewhat expose bad odor (i.e. underarms and mouth) should have a steady non-stench.

Girls adore a guy that smells incredible. But with the same male perspective, girls do not want a boy to be doused in his favorite cologne. One female said, "I love the smell of Irish Spring soap and fresh cleaned clothes on a boy." Personally, I look forward to the smell of a male in the morning. The baby powder scent is absolutely refreshing with the fall season air.


Any boy would say that a girl needs to be soft on every inch of her skin. This is including the maintenance of such body parts as the elbows, lips, buttocks and legs. With the winter season around the corner, girls should consider moisturizing daily to keep males' sexual endeavors concrete.

It really depends on the girl concerning the amount of hair a boy should have on his body. Some girls really do not mind a hairy back or behind, but others view it as "woolly mammoth" in bed rather than a "cuddly, furry creature".


Both sexes agree that a sexual partner should taste good.

"Winterfresh gum and other spearmint breath fresheners are my favorite," a male said.

The whole morning breath debate should only concern beginning relationships, but in my opinion, unless you are incredibly lazy, brush your teeth.


The voice of either sex does not usually affect the sexual arousal of a male or female.

"The voice goes with the face and personality most of the time," a male said.

Each sex loves an accent or an eccentric voice, but it never really determines whether a sexual relationship will spring up.

Sex Tip: I just recently took the "naughty lingerie" step in my relationship. So nerve-wracking in the beginning, but ended with a delightful surprise.

Safety Tip: Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is not shameful. Go get tested! The Whitman-Walker Clinic conducts anonymous tests. For more information visit www.wwc.org.

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