Sex and sensibility

Ooh, yes, Yes, YES!

During my sophomore year it became apparent to me that my peers explored the sexual realm of expressing their orgasms. I ran out of Anderson Hall one night and saw one of my roommates sitting on the benches with a stunned look on her face. I asked if anything was wrong, and she replied that for the last 15 minutes a girl had been moaning so loud that the Letts-Anderson Quad was echoing.

Both of us started laughing hysterically, because you would think that this girl would stop if she found out the whole quad was eavesdropping. But no, she really could have cared less - she almost enjoyed it. I think back to that night and wonder at the possibilities of it happening amongst my close-knit friends in my own home. Would it be a comical matter or an annoyance? And for that matter, what is the point of expressing your orgasmic peak with other people who involuntarily share it with you?

The orgasm is an art. That point where every body part is out of control can result in one venue ... vocal hysteria. But to make the orgasm an art, we as students need to grasp the different varieties before they are no longer enjoyable to demonstrate. Here is a comprehensive orgasm list:

The Moan

Both parties should take part in this act. It is incredibly thrilling to hear a guy moan during sex. It means you are doing something really good with your body's movements. Now boys, they don't have to be the moans you see in pornographic movies like, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, come on baby, Ah, AH!" with the headboard banging against the wall and fearless spanking. That is almost scary. Softer and lighter moans are incredibly sexy, especially if you hold the girl really tightly while kissing her neck.

Now girls should be moaning during every sexual escapade because it will increase the guy's sexual esteem. The more you moan, the better he will get at that specific position. Simple moaning shouts in the beginning are great and as you intensify your volume like, "ah, oo, oh, ah, Ah, OO, Oh, Ah, Ah, Ah, Oh, Oh, OH!!" the sex will get the full force, all over the bed and on the floor.

The Groan

Now groaning embellishes a totally different spectrum of sexual innuendoes. Groans should only happen if you are absolutely alone in a cabin and trapped in the middle of a secluded forest or if you are totally out of control resulting from an overdose of a certain beverage. Other than that, neither of the two sexes should go out of their way to let everyone in a one-mile radius know that he has conquered the "g-spot."

The Silencer

This orgasm happens a lot because you usually do not know it is actually occurring. Being the most evident in males, that twenty-second window before a guy ejaculates comes in silence because absolute satisfaction and pleasure are about to be released.

If you listen carefully while this is occurring, you will hear your partner taking extremely short breaths with sudden twitches in between each exhale. He or she does not want any talking or shouting, just silence. This is the point where he or she is in total ecstasy and really doesn't care about your pleasure at the moment.

This being said, many sexual endeavors can be encountered simply by taking the orgasm for a test run. But is it absolutely necessary to make it obvious to everyone that you are having sex? I think impressing your partner is better than having an audience to please.

But is it the thrill, the rebellion or the stupidity that people possess that makes orgasms sometimes repulsive? I wish I could say no, but all girls and boys seem to enjoy all three components when it comes to being sexually energetic (including me).

Sex Tip: The new, "warming" K-Y Lubricant is nothing special compared to the other K-Y lubricants. A favorite of mine is the Silk-E Moisturizer by K-Y.

Safety Tip: Even though there are many types of lubricants that are fun to play with during sex, the spermicidal lubrication is your best bet for safer sex.

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