Girls just wanna... make out?

Sex and Sensibility

I have seen a lot of girls kiss each other. Whether or not it is to please a boy, they do it often and in the public eye. But most of the time, it has been because a boy has asked her to kiss or massage another girl. And the girl's excuse the next day is, "We are best friends and love each other. We kiss each other all the time!"

First of all, no, you do not kiss each other all the time. I have lived with two of my best friends for the last two years in college, and not once have I wanted to kiss them. Two, we all know that every girl (whether in a sorority or not) loves each other. But doesn't a hug or kiss on the cheek count as signs of affection? And three, you are not doing it because you love each other. You are doing it to impress the boy. Please admit that!

So why do males get so much arousal when seeing two girls lock lips or grope each other? It is the fantasy that is shown on every pornographic film. Two girls expressing sexual satisfaction in real life is nothing more than ecstasy for any boy.

Another excuse that many boys have expressed is that a girl's body is the most gorgeous creation. Most girls take the breasts and their genitalia for granted because in the boy's eyes, these are elements that are fascinating and wondrous. The woman's body is curious to most boys because they think, "Oh, what does this do?" Almost the same way a girl ponders about a boy's genitals, without the same sex stimulation.

So do most girls take on the task of satisfying a boy's need to see two girls kiss or fondle each other? Most likely, girls will experience a "peck" or lip action before the end of their college years. If anything, it is curiosity between two girls that are good friends, with a possible "party beverage" to calm the nerves. I admit that I have indulged a lip experience with a very close friend of mine (it was a short kiss with a lot of liquid excess and not to mention, a dare from a couple boys).

To be honest, it was nothing special, for the both of us. The next day was the same as the day before, and the impression I gave to the boys had not been tainted. If anything, they thought it was amusing because we were whining the whole time. So girls, if you desire to kiss a girlfriend; be ready to be in the spotlight for the sexual beasts (aka the boys) who view girls as beautiful, sexual creatures.

Sexual Tip: If you are not the type of girl to kiss another girl, to show your sexuality to your partner, try watching naughty movies.

Safety Tip: Never think that you need to show someone that you are a sexual person by participating in acts that do not make you feel comfortable. No one is worth that!

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