Lose your panties, gain sexiness

Sex and Sensibility

With semi-formals in progress and formals underway, I thought it was time to discuss fraternity and sorority formal dates. Generally, there are two types of dates: the friend you drag along because you're not dating anyone, or your significant other. To make the night exciting and fun, you and your date should adhere to a certain set of rules. I will start out with the "just friends" date.


No matter what, both should look great.

I don't care if you're going with a good friend of two years. You can always find someone at the formal to play around with while your date does the same. I know this concept seems logical to everyone, but in recent cases, I have seen boys and girls slack off when they feel they have no chance with anyone at the formal. However, people who don't have a serious date are looking for someone to satisfy their sexual needs. If it isn't their date, then it is most likely going to be someone else's partner.


Showing another person of the opposite sex that you want to have sex with them is only the beginning step in the process. Remember, there are other factors going on, including beverage intake and misleading body signals from both sexes. You have to make sure that you really want to have sex with that person.

If you both get to the point where you end up on a bed, naked and ready to enjoy each other's pleasure, your attitude in bed is also important. One of my favorite expressions is the "dead horse factor:" when a person lies still on a bed while having sex. Both men and women have this problem as they begin to explore the sexual universe.

But as you grow into a sexual beast, you realize that certain body parts can maneuver in ways you never dreamed could be possible.

A relationship date is somewhat different. A couple gets to do things that they never would do on any other night. Here are some examples.


No matter what, a couple should experiment with new ways of attracting each other by the garments they wear, their make-up or the style of hair gel they sport. A devilish way of expressing your sexual inside, which mostly applies to girls, is to not wear any undergarments under your dress or skirt. This way, after you have had a couple of "naughty libations" you can go into any room and have a quickie.


During the formal, both partners should have an attitude that shows their attention is centered on the other person. While mingling with your friends, show lots of affection to your partner, like massaging their curves or kissing their forehead. It will make them feel safe and sexy, especially with the girls. And by early morning, all couples should experience sex with no rules and no volume restrictions, just you and your partner.

Safety Tip: Remember, condoms do not stay safe in a wallet; they always need to be at room temperature, or they will tear.

Sex Tip: Not wearing panties makes sex in close quarters a lot easier.

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