Don't label 'fresh meat'

Sex and Sensibility

Classes have begun and everything is back to normal for AU students. But for the next couple of weeks, many students will not be thinking about their General Education classes or reading assignments; they will be daydreaming non-stop about sex.

Everyone around you is fantasizing, imagining, lusting for sex. Basically, they want it now. At the beginning of each semester, it seems like everybody is having sex one way or another. But right now, I'm interested in exposing the sexual endeavors of freshmen. When you get to your junior or senior year, you're either in a serious relationship, having sex with one person (bravo!) or dating and sleeping with a few (do you want to get gonorrhea?).

Freshmen are referred to as "fresh meat." In other words, if you listen carefully when walking into a fraternity house you will not hear, "Oh, she is very pretty." No, my dears, you will hear, "I'm going to tap that ..." And you know what I mean. Maybe the "liquid" intake for the evening had something to do with it, but sometimes it seems that freshmen girls really do not think that sleeping with ten boys within their first few weeks of college is anything special. Hey, they probably think it's a small number. Don't get me wrong, if you want to have sex, please do. I'm 20-years-old and I do not know what I would do if I did not have sex on a regular basis. But my question is, why do freshmen, especially girls, get a label for having sex?

In a month, I'm guessing there will be about two girls out of every 20 that will be known as "easy" (my polite way of saying something else). They get really wasted off of the famous "jungle juice," which makes them feel incredible and invincible to any boy's charms after two cups. But after three the charms disappear and there's nothing but lust. Girls are reeled in and it seems like there's no stopping it, sex is inevitable. By the way, boys, this goes for you, too. If a girl hits on you and basically uses you in the aforementioned manner look at yourself as Jason Biggs in "American Pie."

So everyone is having sex ... hopefully, because sex can be great. But freshmen girls are getting labels. Perhaps they can control their reputations to a degree, but why do only the girls get nasty names? Guys have a lot of sex with different partners too, but I never hear a freshman boy referred to as promiscuous or worse. A guy isn't labeled as anything less than a hero if his "Willie" explores the sexual fruits of a different woman every night. Men would have to reach the triple digits to be known as anything other than manly.

It's unfair to give a girl who wants to have a lot of sex a nasty label, while congratulating a boy on a job well done and patting him on the back for rightfully sowing his oats. The next time you go to a party, are about to engage in the act, or about to talk. Think about it. Hold yourself to the same standards as the opposite gender and don't be a hypocrite.

Safety Tip: Please don't be an idiot, use a condom every time.

Sex Tip: Trojan is selling a new neon green condom with a twisted end. So exciting!

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