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Georgetown caf? boasts tasty cr?pes

Caf? Bonaparte 1522 Wisconsin Ave N.W. Across from Marvelous Market at P Street N.W. and Wisconsin Avenue N.W. Entrees $7-22 Recommended: Soup du Jour, Lisbon Cr?pe, French press coffees Grade: A Imperial decadence tastes delicious at Caf? Bonaparte in Georgetown.


Career track is an ideals trap

"You're so upwardly mobile!" Thanks, I reply in a choked tone from behind the gun muzzle parting my lips. No one enjoys forecasts of their future's success or failure. Even go-getters don't want a pile of looming expectations. Passing through college's clutches is a dizzying self-evaluation process, which leads to the ultimate question: What's growing up and what's selling out? Fired by ideals at day one, what lingers at day 1,460? After being weighed down by four years of theories and 14 years of debt, it feels good to be wanted, to be salaried.


Kanin play 'Born' again

A capitalist pig comes to Washington towing along his mistress. The twist? It's set in the 1940s, meaning gorgeous costumes, sassy one-liners and big-band music. With Arena Stage's production of "Born Yesterday," it also means snappy acting and brilliant attention to detail.


At-a-glance: Staccato

No one thought it was possible. No way is there a cheap Adams Morgan bar devoid of pretension and brimming with eccentric charm! After falling into Staccato late on a Friday night, however, everyone will learn that, yes, such a place exists. A random collection of people water at this dive - and it's a dive, but in all the right ways.


Love, tragedy in 'Afterplay'

The Studio Theatre's "Afterplay" imagines what would happen if two characters from separate plays by the same author met in a Moscow caf?. Irish playwright Brian Friel delicately documents the dashed dreams of two down-and-out Russians first realized by the great Anton Chekhov.


Students without borders

More AU students earn full rides to exotic study-abroad programs than applicants from any other school through the prestigious David L. Boren Fellowship. The undeniable bonus to the big money is an intense life experience.


Studio Theatre's new venue needs hot talent

In the shell of a building, mediocrity hatched. The production of Mark Jackson's "Death of Meyerhold" opened The Studio Theatre's new experimental venue - a hollowed-out, industrial-feeling attic in its theater complex. The Theatre calls it Stage Four, a "flexible, raw theatre space.


Students mark Iraqi civilian deaths

Student activists blanketed the campus last night with 100,000 white ribbons symbolizing Iraqi civilian casualties resulting from the U.S.-led war, but AU administration restricted the demonstration to fences in front of Kay Spiritual Life Center.


Have yourself a meatless Thanksgiving

The good china sparkles around the table and steam rises from the white porcelain. Everyone's ready to eat - everyone except for some vegans and vegetarians. "I don't relish seeing a big dead bird," said Kirsten Rosenberg, co-owner and baker at the all-vegan Sticky Fingers Bakery at 18th and T streets.

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