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The cherry blossoms arrive

Since Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo, Japan gave Washington, D.C. the gift of 3.000 Japanese cherry trees on March 27th, 1912, Washingtonians have annually enjoyed the blooms and bemoaned the tourists. The trees helped to enhance the friendship that the United States and previously isolationist Japan were developing.


Students indifferent about SG elections

The quad was peppered with students this past Sunday afternoon. Some were sunning themselves; others were un-tagging unflattering photos of themselves from Facebook or catching up with friends. What no one seemed to be doing, however, was talking about this week's Student Government elections.


Spring fling

Valentine's Day came and went, and nearly everyone found themselves complaining about either having someone boring or having no one at all. With 11 months to prepare for the next Hallmark-sponsored day of self-depreciation, make some time to go out with someone fresh to do something new.


That's how they roll

The Manassas, Va., Skate-N-Fun Zone may play Lil' Jon and Mariah Carey during Wednesday night open skating, but the members of the burgeoning D.C. Rollergirls league who meet there for practice say they prefer a mix of punk, '80s, synth-pop, hair metal and new wave.


To do this week

It's easy to stay on campus and watch ATV all night. It's easy to go to the Black Cat or the Malt Shop. It's easy to go see the plays at The Greenberg Theater that some lit professors count for extra credit. Well, the following things are easy to do, too - they just haven't been done to death yet.


Alternative breaks serve social justice this spring

The majority of AU students are just beginning to plan their spring breaks, focusing the trips on sunshine, tourist traps and fly honeys. Meanwhile, somewhere between 60 to 90 graduate and undergraduate students have had theirs in the works since before the weather was cool enough to miss sunshine in the first place, centering their trips around global social justice issues.


Don't miss the bus

Those who haven't already taken a low-fare bus from D.C. to another east coast destination during their time at AU have certainly heard stories from those who have. Some will tell the horrors of the onboard bathroom malfunctions, or drivers who leave people at rest stops, while others will recount their experience as a victory over "the man," who, as many suspect, would like to charge college students much, much more to go hither and thither.


Five Web Ways to Waste Time

Wasting time is a favorite college pasttime. With about 15 credit hours a semester, the average student has 168 hours to kill each week. When there's nothing left to sleep through, the Internet is a great place to waste some time. Students interested in things that are funny and poignant should hit up http://maddox.


Nifty gifts straight from the internet

The Internet has everything. Thankfully everything includes holiday gifts for friends, family and people that you're obligated to give gifts to, even if you secretly hate them. This year, avoid the throngs of feverish teenagers and rabid moms at the mall and let the thought count from the privacy of a Web browser.


Quick bites

Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries 1335 Wisconsin Ave, NW (202) 337-0400 or Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 pm Friday - Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Take any 30 bus heading toward Georgetown from Tenleytown. A Five Guys is the kind of place to lead your friends to when no one can agree on where to eat.

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