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Sake Club serves ambiance, variety

Sake Club 2635 Connecticut Ave., N.W. (202) 322-2711 $20-$30 per person Grade: B- There are two kinds of restaurants for the average student: those with wallet-friendly prices and substantial portions, and those reserved for birthdays, good dates and when parents come to town - where the prices are usually higher, the food fancier and the chances you can get mozzarella sticks at 2 a.


New music alert

Like the circle of life or the tides of the mighty oceans, our taste in everything from movies, television and clothes to life partners and cereal brands can ebb and flow with tremendous polarity. Despite the bounty of options in this choice-based American world, one can easily find themselves in a rut.


Sedgwick biopic shallow, 'Factory'-made bust

The Village Voice recently described George Hickenlooper's off-centered opus about the life and times of Andy Warhol's notorious chanteuse and Factory queen as "Edie For Dummies." The movie follows the humble time line of socialite and debutante Edie Sedgwick from her questionable start at art school to her ultimate drug-induced demise.


We know it's just fashion, but it's also our lives

The season finale of "Project Runway 3," Bravo's hit fashion design documentary-meets-reality show hosted and produced by Heidi Klum, is fast approaching, and we at The Eagle don't know what to do with ourselves. This is a show so addictive that Bravo-less students all across the AU campus are contemplating spending their hard-earned work-study money on episodes available on iTunes for $1.


Guide to cool stores

D.C. is daunting enough as it is. With briefcase-clad interns pacing wildly across the quad and none too different littering the Metro, it's occasionally hard to remember that this is a thriving city filled with quirky delights. While separate lists are in order for cheap eats, drinks, entertainment, et cetera, this is a by-no-means-comprehensive look at some of the places that we at The Eagle wish we had discovered when we were just starting out here.


Famed sexologist doesn't beat around the bush with sex lectures

Pornography and prostitution: two things that generally send American (re: Puritan) society into a hissy fit. The amount of energy in our culture devoted to keeping these lustful vices at bay could probably power a small city. That is why it's extra-refreshing when a performance artist like San Francisco's Annie Sprinkle graces our campus with her hilarious, straightforward presence.


Oddities on the Internet

Ah, the Internet. Back in 1998 when everyone first got 60 free hours of America Online, the world seemed to open up into a new and glorious place where you could seriously talk to someone who lived in Los Angeles and liked the same No Doubt albums you did! A community was built - a "World Wide Web," if you will.


'Smoking' film a sharp satire on lobbying world

"Thank You For Smoking" is less about mocking Big Tobacco and the smarmy, white-teethed suits responsible for spreading its cancer sticks and more about mocking the whole culture of lobbying. As students living and putting up with the ups, downs, ins and outs of Washington, D.

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