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Panel debates post-Sept. 11 media's role

There is a lot of misunderstanding in the United States about Islam in general, Islamic Studies Chair Akbar Ahmed said during an American Forum Monday. "We must be wary of joining terrorism with religion," he said. Several experts on the panel debated whether anti-Americanism in the Arab world is as prevalent as "Islamophobia" is in the West in the years following the Sept.


Review: Local spot dishes up conscientious grub

Dos Gringos, A Mount Pleasant Café 3116 Mount Pleasant St., NW 202-462-1159 METRO: Columbia Heights, green line PLATES: breakfast and brunch dishes: $2-$5, lunch and dinner: $5-$8 Living in a metropolis like Washington has its benefits, including access to great internships and jobs, awesome restaurants and cool cultural activities like concerts and museums.


The Scene's 2008 Oscar preview

The 2008 Oscars will go down in movie history for the tug of war that pitted the Writer's Guild of America against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It was a volatile road to the red carpet, rife with speculation about whether the ceremony would occur.


Thanksgiving takes on new meaning overseas

As an American living and studying abroad, I seem to forget that life still continues back in the States. More specifically, until a few days ago, I completely forgot that my favorite U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving, is upon us. Of course, there is always sentimentality associated with things that involve groups of people you love coming together to eat good food, enjoy each other's presence and celebrate life.


Differing abroad experiences yield enlightening worldviews

It has finally happened. Midterms are over, and I have come to realize I am halfway done with my time abroad. A sad fact, indeed. And most people who are abroad now, or at least to the ones I talk, never want it to end, either. What is it about being in a foreign land - where we are forced to fend for ourselves and learn about a new language or culture, where our comfort levels are tested, where we sometimes encounter dangers that are all too real - that defines us? What makes these experiences so significant in our lives that many of us find every way possible to come back or stay permanently? Talking to a friend in Kenya this week reminded me that our lives are ever so precious.

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