Summer LookBook: Jumpsuits

With the rainy and cold weather gone, it’s about time to bring out the summer wardrobe! Whether they’re stored in the back of the closet, or you’re looking to expand the summer wardrobe, jumpsuits are a fun summer piece to wear when you’re sick of maxi dresses and shorts.

Chance’s creative “Coloring Book” marks a vivid new page in rap

Chance The Rapper begins his third official mixtape, “Coloring Book,” right where he left listeners with his 2013 breakthrough release, “Acid Rap.” As soulful horns fill the first track on Chance’s highly-anticipated 2016 entry, the MC out of Chicago’s South Side proudly sings, “and we back, and we back,” the same words he used to kick off his “Good Ass Intro” on “Acid Rap.” Chance certainly follows through with that statement, delivering a creative, eclectic and optimistic effort that marks his first solo-billed mixtape in three years. Each and every Chance release is a collaborative, collective effort, and “Coloring Book” is no less.

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