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'Walkathon' struts across two screens

(03/06/06 5:00am)

It's no secret that I love Paul Walker. The 2Hot 2Talented hard-bodied bro has had a string of amazing films, cementing his place in movie history. Walker first made a splash in the Disney surfing buddy comedy "Meet the Deedles"(not to be confused with Peter Jackson's Muppets-on-acid "Meet the Feebles," which I did once, and I'm not really sure how those kids handled the scene in which the bunny puppet thinks he has an STD).

'Hostel' not cheesy, sure to please true horror fans

(01/19/06 5:00am)

In the premiere edition of "Dan's Picks," I turn my all-seeing, Sauron-esque eye on "Hostel." Detractors might initially dismiss "Hostel" as a cheesy "Saw" clone (it's opening in January, usually a death sentence in terms of quality for mainstream movies), a morally reprehensible film for sickos or, to the elitist, a rip-off of Japanese horror filmmaker Takashi Miike, whose film "Audition" contains a similarly violent torture scene. Let's just say it does things with piano wire that "The Watcher," that serial killer movie with Keanu Reeves, totally should have.

Movie matches

(09/01/05 4:00am)

With the rapper, actor, cat-you-ain't-used-to, comedian slash producer Nick Cannon's new film "Underclassmen" opening tomorrow, the theaters are sure to be packed. Who wouldn't want to see a story about an undercover cop in college? I mean, especially if it's Nick Cannon. Let's look at some other movies featuring people going undercover in academic situations.

Movie Matches

(08/22/05 4:00am)

Who could forget James Stewart's famous filibuster in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," or the White House totally blowing up in "Independence Day"? There are so many memorable D.C. moments in movie history. As we all return to the District, let's take a look some monumental D.C.-related movies.

Sc, Entertainment, Interview with Stephen Chow for 'Kung Fu Hustle'

(04/21/05 4:00am)

Soft-spoken, thoughtful and instantly endearing, the Chinese Charlie Chaplin seems more interested in asking questions that getting them. The 46-year-old's hair is greying a little, but he still has the endearing smile of a class clown who's just farted. Stephen Chow is a legitimate movie star, the total revenue of his films topping Jackie Chan's in Asia, but there are few in the United States who know he exists. It is easy to tell he his hoping that will change soon.

Can't knock the hustle

(04/21/05 4:00am)

Soft-spoken, thoughtful and instantly endearing, Stephen Chow, the Chinese Charlie Chaplin, seems more interested in asking questions than answering them. The 46-year-old's hair is graying a little, but he still has the endearing smile of a class clown who's just farted. Chow is a legitimate movie star - the total revenue of his films tops Jackie Chan's in Asia - but there are few in the United States who even know he exists. It is easy to tell he his hoping that will change soon.

Chow's martial arts flick brings the heat

(04/21/05 4:00am)

It takes 20 minutes for Stephen Chow to show up in "Kung Fu Hustle." By that time, you almost have forgotten he was even coming. This is only due to the pack of interesting characters the filmmaker has set up at the beginning of his movie. There's Brother Sum, the heartless gang boss who likes to do a one-two step after blowing someone away with a shotgun. Then we get a married couple who run a slum aptly titled Pig Sty. Landlord is a charming but sleazy womanizer, and his wife, Landlady, is loud, commanding and never without a cigarette.

Todd Solondz plays with words in latest film

(04/18/05 4:00am)

Todd Solondz, the creepy virtuoso of indie film, returns once again to unveil his new set of tragic characters with his latest, "Palindromes." In this chapter of Solondz's films, we meet Aviva, a 12-year-old girl who gets pregnant, much to the horror of her parents. They insist on abortion, but Aviva wants to keep her baby. "Didn't we give you everything? What about the N*Sync tickets?" Aviva's mother asks. Solondz certainly has a way with dialogue.

Movie Matches

(04/07/05 4:00am)

Okay, so even if we forgive "Taxi," Jimmy Fallon's new romantic comedy "Fever Pitch" still looks God awful, even if you're a Red Sox fan. With this new Farrely brothers movie (who have officially "lost it"), Fallon now officially wishes he was Adam Sandler, co-starring with Drew Barrymoore. Back when Fallon was giggling throughout skits on SNL, I couldn't help but think that if he was paired with the right trend of the moment (in this case, a team that's heroic for not losing every single time), it could mean money in the bank. Excuse me while I gag. Here's a intentional walk down baseball movie memory lane, but you won't find obvious choices like "Field of Dreams," "The Natural" or "Bull Durham" here, only totally awesome movies like these following flicks:

Movie Matches

(03/24/05 5:00am)

I don't know what's worse: unnecessary remakes of good movies, or equally unnecessary remakes of really, really bad movies. Didn't we say everything we needed to say with the first "Revenge of the Nerds?" "The O.C."'s Adam Brody is slated to co-produce the remake/cinematic travesty for Fox Searchlight for 2006. Even classic films can fall victim. "Guess Who," opening tomorrow, is not a movie adaptation of the totally awesome board game. That's what I thought at first, but it turns out it's really just a remake of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," but with a twist: The races are switched. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac, the movie seems to be a studio head's dream, but the only people getting punk'd are the audience. Here's a look at when bad remakes tarnish the name of good films.

Movie Matches

(03/17/05 5:00am)

The first English language film starring Latin super-hottie Gael Garc¡a Bernal, "dot the i," opens tomorrow at the Landmark E St. Theater, and is a darkly comic story about a love triangle (what is it with Bernal and love triangles? "Y Tu Mam  Tambi?n?" More like: "Heck, I'll even do the whole family!"). Well, this week we put our "i" on titles that harness the power of the alphabet.

Eastwood's 'Baby' sweeps Oscars; Rock rolls as host

(02/28/05 5:00am)

For the 77th Oscar broadcast, things were looking bad when the ceremony ended its opening clip reel with the cinematic blasphemy of a digitally inserted Shrek walking alongside Charlie Chaplin. However, the show moved at a brisk pace and proved to be highly entertaining as "Million Dollar Baby" won four of its six nominations: Best Picture, Best Director for Clint Eastwood, Best Actress for Hilary Swank and Best Supporting Actor for Morgan Freeman.

And the Oscar goes to...

(02/24/05 5:00am)

As the Oscars approach Sunday, all the speculation from the past year comes to the forefront. To some, the Oscars are awarded on buzz, not quality, and are essentially an exercise in purely missing the point. But regardless, even the most cynical movie buff can get swept up in the pure pleasure of guessing right. All I know is, if "Shrek 2" beats "The Incredibles" for Best Animated Feature, it will be an error so egregious, it will eliminate what little faith I have left in this system of honoring artistic achievement.