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Whether it's gang wars or battles between kung-fu masters, there's plenty of flippin' sweet fights in "Kung Fu Hustle." Here are some other movie fights packin' the heat and bringing it straight street.

"They Live" - 1988 Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Keith David In this John Carpenter flick about aliens that have totally taken over the planet, the only man that can stop them is former pro wrestler Roddy Piper. But first, he must commence with a backstreet brawl with Keith David in order to get him to put on the super-secret sunglasses that let you see the aliens. This fight was recreated shot for shot in "South Park" for the infamous "cripple fight" between Timmy and Jimmy.

"Kill Bill: Vol. 1" - 2003 The Bride vs. The Crazy 88 This bomb-ass fight was out of control. When I first saw this movie, I about creamed my pants when Uma plucked that dude's eye out. I can't wait to see this fight again when "Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair," Tarantino's NC-17 re-cut of the entire "Kill Bill" saga, comes out. Tarantino was quoted by as saying, "It's gonna be off the hook."

"Dolemite" - 1975 Dolemite vs. Willie Green In this blaxploitation classic, the super pimp Dolemite, in league with his all-girl army of kung-fu killers, defeats his archnemesis Willie Green by totally ripping out his stomach and intestines in order to regain his club. An undercover FBI agent looks on and says, "God damn, Dolemite..."

"Evil Dead 2" - 1987 Bruce Campbell vs. His hand After Bruce Campbell's character, Ash, gets his hand possessed, he has a 10-minute fight with his hand that's nothing short of absolute genius. After it cracks several plates over his head, Ash manages to stab it, lock it off at the wrist and saw it off with a chainsaw. "Who's laughing now??"

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