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With the rapper, actor, cat-you-ain't-used-to, comedian slash producer Nick Cannon's new film "Underclassmen" opening tomorrow, the theaters are sure to be packed. Who wouldn't want to see a story about an undercover cop in college? I mean, especially if it's Nick Cannon. Let's look at some other movies featuring people going undercover in academic situations.


Kindergarten Cop (1990) In order to bust his longtime criminal nemesis, Detective John Kimble ("I'm a cop, you idiot!") must go undercover as a teacher to get the fugitive's ex-wife to testify against him. Watch out for the kid who says, "Women have a vagina and men have a penis!" as he is best remembered for his role on "Full House." By a very exclusive group of people.

Drag King:

Just One of the Guys (1985) This classic '80s film stars Joyce Hyser as the androgynous "Terry," who poses as a boy at a high school in order to achieve journalistic legitimacy. I wished we had watched this movie in my Sex, Gender and Culture class because it co-stars William Zabka, who was the totally evil Johnny Lawrence in "The Karate Kid." Cobra Kai never die.


Soul Man (1986) So if you want to go to Harvard but can't afford it, the obvious choice is to take magic pills that make you black in order to get a minority scholarship. That's the principle underlying the brilliant plot of this 1986 staple of '80s cinema. Hilarity ensues when Mark, the racial chameleon he is, is unable to succeed at dancing or playing basketball. College + The '80s/Blackface = Totally "Not" Racist.

Drag Queens

Sorority Boys (2002) In short, Harland Williams (who recently played the Tavern), the dude from "Seventh Heaven" and Lex Luther from the WB's "Smallville" dress up like sorostitutes in order to get revenge on their former fraternity (Kappa Omega Kappa, a.k.a. "K.O.K"). The highlight is the excess foam needed in the communal shower to cover up the "Seventh Heaven" dude's erection and lack of breasts.

Prom Queen

Never Been Kissed (1999) If Drew Barrymore has never been kissed, well then I've never masturbated. I mean, c'mon. What's up with that? Wait, I think Jessica Alba is in "Never Been Kissed." Maybe I should rent it to continue not masturbating.

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