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Poulami Banerji

Banerji, a junior in the School of International Service, said she wants to give students a voices on campus by creating SG/club liaison positions. “As a student, I would want my elected officials to care about my concerns and I am going to make sure that is the kind of leader I am if elected,” she said. If elected, Banerji said she will reach out to campus club leaders and create SG liaison positions, allowing clubs to directly communicate with members of SG.


CJ Murphy

School of Public Affairs junior CJ Murphy said she hopes to improve class unity and fundraising. “As we leave American, it is important to have a network that we can turn back to,” she said. Murphy is the only student running for Class of 2015 President, but if elected she plans on appointing a vice president, secretary and treasurer.


Heidi Friedrich

If elected undergraduate business association president, Heidi Friedrich said she wants to help students better understand how to be financially independent.

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