Poulami Banerji

Poulami Banerji

Banerji, a junior in the School of International Service, said she wants to give students a voices on campus by creating SG/club liaison positions.

“As a student, I would want my elected officials to care about my concerns and I am going to make sure that is the kind of leader I am if elected,” she said.

If elected, Banerji said she will reach out to campus club leaders and create SG liaison positions, allowing clubs to directly communicate with members of SG.

Banerji plans to advocate mandatory anti-oppression training for all student leaders within SG to make the organization more welcoming to all types of students. Banerji said she will communicate with the student body before invoking initiatives or policies.

“We should be able to understand one another, and the first step is becoming educated,” she said.

Banerji is the current deputy chief of staff for SG President Pat Kelly and serves as pledgemaster for the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. Her favorite hobby is trying new food and giving restaurant recommendations to friends.


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