Andrew Graham

Class of 2017 president candidate

Although some may join SG to boost their resumes, SPA freshman Andrew Graham said he is joining to help AU.

“I want to be fully invested,” he said. “I want to have a productive Class Council.”

If elected, Graham, who is currently not a part of SG, proposes a two-fold plan to increase accountability for SG members.

First, he plans on creating an accountability report in which each person in an elected SG position would write a blurb about their achievements at the end of the year. The accountability report would be published for all students to see what their student representatives are doing.

Secondly, he wants to enforce the requirement that class council members submit reports to SG. This year, only one of the required 12 reports were submitted to SG Senate, Graham said.

“Technically, each member could have been impeached,” he said.

The Cheyenne, Wyo. native said he enjoys skiing and ultimate frisbee in his free time.

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