Caroline Ladzinski

Vice President candidate

Caroline Ladzinski

Caroline Ladzinski has never been a part of Student Government, and she hopes this will give her an edge as she runs for SG vice president.

“Instead of asking: why aren’t they [SG] doing it? I figured I should just do it,” Ladzinski said. “Why am I waiting for someone else to make change? I should just make changes.”

Ladzinski is a junior in the School of Public Affairs who has held seven internships over the course of her three years at AU. She currently sits on the e-board of Alpha Chi Omega and considers herself a passionate crafter.

Ladzinski said she wants to bring fresh ideas to SG and make it more inclusive since joining SG after freshman year can be difficult. She is running on a ticket with presidential candidate Alex Hoffman.

If elected vice president, Ladzinski plans to radically change Founder’s Day ticketing. She wants to change ticketing to a lottery system where people can get tickets for their friends.

“No more lines or mad dashes,” she said. “This will be accessible, fair and you get to go with your friends because no one wants to go to Founder’s Day by themselves.”

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