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An inaugural worthy of flushing

If you're reading this, then you have lived to see the inauguration of George W. Bush. In this fine city of ours, we are lucky enough to be able to hold and, likewise, easily attend the inauguration of our fine new president. Or something. I was one of the lucky millions to get a Gray Ticket.


John Wesley Harding

Owners of the "High Fidelity" soundtrack are sure to be familiar with the third track, nestled between the Kinks and the Velvet Underground, "I'm Wrong about Everything." John Wesley Harding, a throwback to the '70s folk-revival, sang the pop piece. Now, Harding is back with a new album, "The Confessions of St.


Sing us a song, you're the karaoke man

Every once in a while a movie comes out that seems just a tad too ludicrous to believe. Case in point: Gwyneth Paltrow's newest film, "Duets." Sound harmless enough, right? But no, lurking behind a seemingly innocent title is an offensive film, a detestable film, a ridiculous film -- - -- a film about karaoke.


Summer cinema recap

Ah, 2000, a new century... and one of the least memorable summer film seasons ever. Usually, there are maybe five or six truly bad films, a lot of enjoyable eye candy and a couple gems. This summer, it was either really good or disappointing crap (most of the latter).


Former ATV star Chris Noll goes Wylde on TV

Scott Rosenberg: How's it going? Chris Wylde: Pretty good man. SR: You're all over my television. CW: It's nice to be all over television sets and not just be on ATV. You know what I mean? SR: Yeah, I can understand. CW: Like, you know, in Junior year, there were a couple of weeks there where we were literally the only thing on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you know what I'm saying.


Got meat? Has PETA gone to far?

From the makers of the "Got beer?" campaign comes the new "Got Prostate Cancer?" campaign, spearheaded by large billboards with the face of recently afflicted New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Pretty funny, eh? I mean, Guiliani could die from this. That's just downright hilarious.

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