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Noir film achieves 'Pulp Fiction' appeal

"$15 million is not money. Money is what you take to the grocery store. Money is what you get out of an ATM. $15 million is not money. It's a motive waiting for someone to take it." It's this kind of dialogue that made Quentin Tarantino famous. Well, that and a lot of guns.


'And I'm still alive!'

Does anyone else long for 1992? '92 was a year before teen pop and angry white rappers took over the airwaves. It was before coffee houses were money-making machines. It was even a time when the "Batman" films were still decent. The most missed thing about '92 however, is the music.


Summer cinema recap

Ah, 2000, a new century... and one of the least memorable summer film seasons ever. Usually, there are maybe five or six truly bad films, a lot of enjoyable eye candy and a couple gems. This summer, it was either really good or disappointing crap (most of the latter).


'Nurse Betty' is a comedic break from actors' usual roles

"Nurse Betty" is not your average comedy. It's not even your average film. Rather, it's a bit of all different genres rolled into one. It goes from being a screwball comedy, to a dreamlike fantasy, to a hit man film, back to a fantasy and so on. It also, along with this year's "The Cell" and a few others, is a true "love it or hate it" film.

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