'The Man Show' takes vulgarity to a new level with the Man Show Boy

It's Sunday night. "The Simpson's" just ended and now you're playing the waiting game, until the next episode of "The Simpson's." Readers, I offer you a savior -- "The Man Show," starring Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.

The show is an half-hour variety show including skits that appeal to the male crowd. Although the show might appear to be a soft-porn spectacle, with women dancing about all over the set, it is actually a smartly written comedy show that uses low brow comedy as a vehicle to poke fun at everybody.

Previous skits on the show include a campaign to end women's suffrage, which they got many women to sign up in support of their cause. In another skit, they convinced women that eating chocolate, a lot of chocolate, will help them lose weight...and these women actually believed them.

But, the main reason to watch "The Man Show" is for Aaron, the Man Show Boy. Aaron is a 12-year-old boy that Adam and Jimmy dress up in various costumes, such as a Boy Scout and a frat boy. They send him out with amusing tasks.

The first time, he was dressed as a Boy Scout and was trying to get a merit badge for helping women across the street. However, he would ask women who were around 25 to 35-years-old. When they would exclaim, "I'm not old," Aaron would retort, "You're so old, I should get two merit badges."

Another time, they had him standing outside a store asking people to buy him beer. He would say, "Could you buy me some beer. My grandparents are very sick and they need beer to make them feel better." And when a big burly man said he wouldn't buy him beer, the boy spit back, "I didn't think you had the balls." This most recent episode featured the boy as a frat boy, asking women out. His pickup lines were things such as, "Hey, wanna go on a field trip in my pants?" "The Man Show," regardless of how crude and vulgar it is, is brilliantly written and one of the funniest half-hours on television. Put aside your views that the show is sexist and sit down and laugh uncontrollably.

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