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Library promotes IM reference service this holiday

Bender Library is promoting its instant messaging reference service this Valentine's Day in the library with student appreciation, stickers and candy. The pilot project with instant messaging virtual reference began on Jan. 30 and will continue through May 1.


Campus Brief: Bender Library offers $300 certificate

Bender Library is offering a $300 campus store gift certificate to the student who comes up with the most creative name for its new coffee kiosk. Construction for the kiosk is scheduled to begin in two weeks, according to Nick Banovetz, assistant to the University librarian.


Colombian exile: Coca-Cola abuses workers

Coca-Cola workers face assassination and exile if they try to stand up for their rights said Luis Cardona, a Coca-Cola employee exiled from Colombia, when he spoke to anthropology students as part of his campaign to "stop killer Coke" Tuesday. In an official statement, Coca-Cola called the Columbia allegations "a publicity stunt ... the allegations are false and it's outrageous to believe that The Coca-Cola Company would have anything to do with this type of behavior," the company stated in April.


Hair City, Jamba Juice to relocate

On-campus businesses Hair City and Jamba Juice will move to new locations on campus as AU seeks new businesses, such as a coffee shop, that cater to student needs, said Executive Director of Housing and Dining Julie Weber. Hair City will get a new style over spring break, when it will move to the old STA Travel location in the tunnel.


Campus Brief: SIS symposium tackles varied topics

It was standing-room only at Thursday's Eighth Annual School of International Service Undergraduate Symposium, which included 23 undergraduate panelists. More than 40 students put the symposium together, serving as panelists, moderators and analysts, according to Ben Sander, SIS undergraduate president, who called the event a "huge success .


Video surveillance leads to vandal's identification

Public Safety used video technology to help capture a man in his 60s responsible for several etchings of naked women in elevators in Bender Library and Mary Graydon Center, according to Michael McNair, director of Public Safety. The etchings appeared off and on for a year, and the man was caught Feb. 14 by Public Safety.


Campus Brief: SIS undergrads host symposium

The School of International Service is hosting its eighth annual Undergraduate Research Symposium Thursday, during which undergraduate students will form and moderate panels and participate as analysts. "This extraordinary event is completely organized by SIS students and highlights significant student-conducted research on pressing topics in today's world," said Nanette Levison, senior associate dean of SIS.

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