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Weekend Scene: Spring Break Edition

(03/04/16 3:08am)

If you weren’t lucky enough to get invited to a fraternity’s spring break filled with American flag bikinis, shot glasses attached to beaded necklaces and monotonous Top-40 hits drowning out the calming sound of a nearby ocean – have no fear, because there’s plenty to do in D.C. Enjoy a week full of art, music and praying for my safety right here in the district.

Tears, vomit and drugs fall on Katzen’s stage floor in AU’s production of “Bachelorette” last month

(12/28/15 2:23am)

My mom once asked me what kind of wedding I wanted, and I said I’m unsure if I wanted a wedding at all. I don’t know if I ever want to get married. She cried, and I felt guilty. Setting marriage as a goal isn’t detrimental, the problem lies in the unfeasible perfection expected of a woman as a result of internalized misogyny. I’ve often felt pressure to be perfect and so do the characters in Leslye Headland’s play “Bachelorette” performed Nov. 14 at AU.

The Weekend Scene: Nov. 5-8

(11/07/15 11:46am)

Instead of moseying around a still-Halloween-decorated frat basement, pumping the last bit of Natty Lite and college spirit from an old keg, spend your Saturday at the D.C. Beer Festival at National’s Park. Other events this weekend include the opening party for the Annual Festival of Photography, the Alexandria Film Festival and Sackler Gallery’s celebration of Diwali Day.

Is D.C. really the fittest city?

(08/09/15 4:20pm)

In the Netflix show “House of Cards,” Frank and Claire Underwood seem to love their runs in the National Mall. But I’d rather lie in my comfortable bed and watch them exercise than lace up my own shoes. The American Fitness Index recently released a study that named Washington, D.C. the fittest city in America—but I’m beyond skeptical of this conclusion.

Talkin’ Tunes: Kerwin’s music taste, in his own words: ‘boring as hell’

(03/24/15 4:31pm)

Surrounded by youths, President Neil Kerwin might be in the best environment to learn about new music. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In the once-in-an-academic-year chance, The Eagle got the opportunity to talk with President Kerwin about his favorite tunes and the new ones he’s picked up from AU’s Spotify generation.

Talkin’ Tunes with Professor Brannon

(02/20/15 5:47pm)

Professors’ offices are their sanctuaries. Some like a plain office to grade work in silence. Some professors like to decorate their desks with pictures of their kids and spouses, as a happy reminder. For film and media arts professor Kyle Brannon, his office is a place to glorify rock ‘n’ roll. Fugazi posters cover his walls in dedication to his punk affinity, which bleeds into his professional life. Brannon co-produced and directed the documentary “An Impression: Dischord Records. Fugazi, Minor Threat and other punk bands were featured on Dischord Records in the 80s and 90s, during D.C.’s hey day.

Talkin’ Tunes with Professor Axe

(02/02/15 9:17pm)

Throw away all preconceived notions of a science geek because the chemistry department’s Jennifer Axe is anything but a geek. From Guns n’ Roses to Metallica, her music taste reflects her creative and energetic self. Axe is a newcomer to AU with only one semester under her belt, but she has integrated easily, she says. Axe teaches four sections of General Chemistry 210 and teaches one section of Biochemistry II. Talkin’ Tunes’ columnist Katerina Pappas recently sat down with Axe to discuss her taste in music.