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AU may broaden insurance

Next academic year could mark the first time AU students participating in the university's health insurance program will have access to human papillomavirus (HPV) and transgender health insurance benefits. The new provisions, pending administrative approval, would make AU the first university in the District to cover HPV testing and the Gardasil vaccination for female students and gender identity and hormonal care for its transgender population.


AU notifies residents of on-campus TB case

An AU student hospitalized last week for pulmonary tuberculosis is recovering quickly, and no such similar cases on campus have been reported, according to Student Health Center Director Dan Bruey. Although Bruey's office and the D.C. Department of Health have since contacted and tested all at-risk students and staff members, the university could not provide more specifics - including how the student contracted the disease, how many AU community members came in contact with the disease and which areas of campus he or she may have inhabited.


Obama: The post-media president

It is post-Baby Boomer, post-partisan, post-racial, and most importantly, post-Bush. And add to that list of unfounded hyperboles one new construction: "post-media." Throughout the 2008 horse race, now-President-elect Barack Obama demonstrated a proclivity toward digital media.


The politics of pennies

Before this month, Jessica Altounian, 20, said she thought little about the candidates' economic rhetoric. To her, inflation meant "affording the things I want to do." The ambiguous phrase 'fiscal discipline' was a reminder to "keep an eye on my bank account and slap myself whenever I went overboard."


AU insurance lacks transgender coverage

In part two of this series, The Eagle examines transgender exclusion in AU's student health care plan, and the ways students are fighting to get those benefits covered. Atop Diversity Advocacy Director Jillian Rubino's desk rests a document that means the world to her and to countless other AU students.


Health insurance fails checkup

In this two part series, The Eagle examines two exclusions in student health care - the HPV vaccine and transgender health treatments - and the many ways students are fighting to get those benefits covered. To the almost 1,100 AU undergraduates who subscribe to university health insurance, the Student Health Center's announcement earlier this summer that it was changing health care providers probably seemed routine.


A Guide to: Transferring

The decision to transfer to AU is always a great idea ... until you actually do it. Although the university offers its disgruntled newcomers a plethora of advising resources, no amount of informative prose or lengthy lectures can address the more unspoken difficulties of changing colleges. The task of finding a new niche, making up for lost credit hours, addressing spotty financial aid qualms and - most laboriously - surviving yet another new student orientation can prove incredibly difficult, so here are a few tips to get you by.

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