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Election '08: Blogging students' reactions

Election '08: Blogging students' reactions
TEARS OF JOY - AU student Paula Ramirez reacts with great emotion following the announcement that Barack Obama will serve as the United States' 44th presdent.

Reporters at politics@theEAGLE, the newspaper's politics blog, chronicled all of Election Day, from the polling anomalies early Tuesday morning to Barack Obama's acceptance speech later that night. Click to read the full day's coverage.

From the Tavern: A beautiful moment BY: CHARLIE SZOLD I call myself a conservative, but this moment is a beautiful moment. This moment means so much to so many people that it is impossible to be sad. The Germans are on their feet chanting and yelling. They are as excited as the AU students. I can't stop smiling, people can't stop yelling. is it weird that I want to cry a little? How could you not?

Obama projected president-elect BY: TONY ROMM

Virginia call depends on Fairfax BY: SAM HAGEDORN The Presidential race in Virginia is close. With 2.5 million votes counted, Barack Obama is separated from John McCain by less than 13,000 votes. However, the results from Northern Virginia should give Obama the win.

From the Tavern: No more New England Republicans BY: CHARLIE SZOLD Congressman Chris Shays, a moderate Republican from Connecticut, is out of a job tonight as he concedes the race to Democrat Jim Himes. Shays was, until tonight, the only remaining Republican congressman from New England.

From the Tavern: Students making news BY: KATIE LITVIN Are students just watching the news, or are they making it? AU students in the Tavern can choose from five different news stations to get their election results. But students are not only observers of the election-they are also commentators, thanks to a number of on-campus organizations recording students' reactions.

Swing States: It's a long, hard road for McCain BY: CAROLYN PHENICIE In the words of CNN's John King, "I can't get him to 270...I just gave John McCain a bunch of states where he's trailing...even if he wins the rest of the states on the board, he still gets 266."

Obama reaches 200 mark, MSNBC reports BY: TONY ROMM If 2004 trends hold true (and our predictions are accurate), Obama is actually 15 electoral votes away from the nomination.

From the Tavern: Pa. and students BY: KATIE LITVIN AU students exploded in excitement after CNN and MSNBC both projected that Sen. Barack Obama would win Pennsylvania.

What the exit polls tell us BY: JIMM PHILLIPS So those of us who were tuned into politics four years ago remember the famous exit poll debacle well. To put it simply, the exit polls the networks conducted in 2004 were significantly different from the actual results. So I came into this evening skeptical about what exit polls would be able to tell us as we wait for results. For that reason, I won't make any predictions.

Swing States: The update BY: CAROLYN PHENICIE politics@theEAGLE delves closer into a few key swing states.

From the Tavern: More state reactions BY: KATIE LITVIN CNN just announced Sen. Barack Obama is ahead nationally by popular vote, with 52 percent of the vote.Few AU students reacted to the results, as many appear to be overwhelmed by the amount of activity in the Tavern.

Obama tops the 100 mark BY: TONY ROMM Obama wins a slew of important eastern states.

From the Tavern:The Warner post-mortem BY: CHARLIE SZOLD Early bad news for the Republicans: Mark Warner has won Virginia's vacated senate seat.

From the Tavern: First reactions By: Katie Litvin CNN called Vermont for Sen. Barack Obama and Kentucky for Sen. John McCain at 7 p.m tonight, to the excitement of AU students watching the results in the Tavern.

From the Tavern: On the hot seat BY: CHARLIE SZOLD Let me paint a picture. I am in a little oft-forgotten nook of the Mary Graydon Center, surrounded by German cameramen, producers, sound engineers, 20-something German grad students and the talent.

From the Front Lines: AU Washpo intern BY: GRAHAM VYSE From my desk here at, I often glace out the window at the Washington monument. And let me tell you, it's still as awe-inspiring as it was the first day I began my internship.

Some preliminary data BY: TONY ROMM A slew of states have yet to close, but we can draw at least two basic conclusions from the preliminary exit poll data that have been released.

What McCain must do in Pennsylvania BY: CAROLYN PHENICIE John McCain has hinged his whole strategy on taking the Keystone state back from the Dems for the first time in 20 years, largely to make up for likely losses in Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa (which together equal Pennsylvania's 21 electoral votes.) If McCain is really going to take the state, he must do three things.

What's to come... The first state has yet to close its polls, but we at politics@theEAGLE are ready! Above, you'll note our electoral vote counter - we'll be updating it until one of the candidates hits 270.

Starbucks, Krispy Kreme extend freebies to everyone BY: ETHAN KLAPPER Good news for non-voters out there: Starbucks and Krispy Kreme have altered their free "giveaways-if-you-vote" promotions because it is a considered a felony in the state of Georgia to reward people for voting.

RTV: Major poll trouble at VTech BY: TONY ROMM Already, young voters in Virginia have experienced difficulty at state polls, including a last-minute registration problem at Radford University, which we reported earlier today. Additionally, monitors from Rock the Vote, a non-partisan youth voting advocacy organization, have noted significant trouble in Blacksburg, Va., the home of Virginia Polytechnic University.

From the Front Lines: Wet voters, wild predictions and winding lines BY: JEN CALANTONE Blogging is the buzzword of my day, at least. I've been running through blogs since I began my morning at The Washington Times as a contributor to their intern blog. I've learned maybe a grand total of three things from my experience here:

From the polling lines. BY: TONY ROMM We've heard reports that poll lines are unbearably long, but here's some visual proof of it. This is a polling station in Levittown, Pennsylvania, my home town. Part of Bucks County, it was one of 304 voting districts that, combined, boasted a meager 36 percent voter turnout during the state's April primary. If this photo suggests anything, however, it is perhaps that the turnout number will rise with this election...

Endorsements: Obama trumps McCain among student newspapers BY: TONY ROMM Insofar as college newspaper endorsements are concerned, Democratic candidate Barack Obama is handily beating Republican opponent John McCain. The Illinois senator has won the support of 91 college newspapers, many of which are from major schools in important swing states, while McCain has only won two, UWire reported...

ResultWatch: Student voters subject of Va. poll controversy BY: TONY ROMM According to The Washington Times, some Virginia college students with state residency also received absentee voter ballots, creating the possibility for voter fraud in an important battleground state that was decided in 2006 by 367 votes...

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