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Family harmonies shine through Watkins show

At the 9:30 club on Saturday night, there was no question about why audiences love Sara Watkins. Her on-stage banter with members of her band, audience interaction and virtually flawless musicianship made for a perfect concert-going experience. The opener, Justin Jones, juxtaposed his comedic interludes and ramblings to his wife and daughter in the balcony with his tirelessly heavy country set.


D.C. rapper breaks 'Ice' with cool beats

Getting noticed is always a challenge for young musicians looking to make a career out of their music. But D.C. area rap artist Ice the Villain is making noise with his direct method of communication with fans and collaborations with fellow area artists. Ice the Villain (Anthony Poole) said in an interview with The Eagle that after moving around as a military kid when he was very young, his family settled down in the D.


'Heathers' still darkly funny after twenty

Before there was "Mean Girls," before there was "Juno" or "Saved!," there was "Heathers." As the cult classic turns 20 years old, its devilish humor and dark satire of high school life irreverently casts as bright a light on teenage anxiety as ever before.


Local action, spirit trumps foreign aid

Recently I had an interview with the deputy executive director of Kenya Human Rights Commission, Tom Kagwe. Though I was interviewing him for a paper about criminal justice in Kenya, I asked him about development in Kenya, and he firmly responded that KHRC disagrees with the way that most development organizations in Kenya operate.


Intolerable cruelty: culture, values clash

The sun was just beginning to sink into the horizon as I made my way through a cloud of burning garbage smoke billowing over a vine-covered wall on my way home from a meeting at my program coordinator's office. A man sitting in the back of a truck yelled to me.


Fitting in is easier than blending in

NAIROBI, Kenya - "Jambo?" Perhaps you recognize the word as a Swahili greeting. You may have learned it in a song or seen it on a list of greetings from around the world. More than just a greeting, it's a word that has brought to life for me the reality of my stay here in Nairobi, Kenya.


Another Fall, Another Country

NAIROBI, Kenya - For most AU students, fall back-to-school time means buying dorm or apartment furnishings and replenishing their supplies of notebooks and pens. It means becoming reacquainted with the District, visiting the Eagle's Nest and spending time with friends, new and old.


Musical opportunites abound

No matter where this summer finds you, no matter your budget, there's a great music festival nearby with acts you're sure to love. Most festivals boast similar headliners, but that doesn't make them any less great. Here are just a few music events sure to make your summer sing.

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