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Insomniac DVD keeps audience in stitches

What is this DVD? Basically, four hilariously dirty comics hit Vegas and Comedy Central tapes it. Dave Attell hosts this night in Vegas with Sean Rouse, Greg Giraldo and Dane Cook. Attell has the most airtime, though it is chopped up among the beginning and middle and also between the other comedian's sets.


TV series pushes boundaries

The seventh season of "South Park" is by far one of the best of the controversial animated show's ongoing run. Its no-holds-barred satire of society, using four fourth grade students and their crazy hometown of South Park, Colorado, hits up everything from illegal music downloading and metrosexuality to protesting/anti-protesting, Native American casinos, Mormons and stem cell research, among other topics.


Thrice gets musical, political

Orange County's heavy hitting rock band Thrice, which hit D.C.'s 9:30 Club earlier this month, have gained a diehard fan base and a major label record deal thanks to their poignant lyrics, melodic metal/hardcore influenced rock and relentless touring. The band's last two and previously most beloved records, "The Illusion of Safety" and "Artist In The Ambulance," were made with well-known rock producer Brian McTernan (Hot Water Music, The Movielife, Snapcase).


Moviegoers won't be 'Wow'-ed by retro roller skating flick

A movie about roller-skating in the late 1970s starring Bow Wow would make anyone skeptical. Even for Bow Wow fans, the premise just sounds a little dumb. Thankfully, "Roll Bounce" isn't as dumb as it sounds. The story: Bow Wow plays X, an everyday '70s teenager who concentrates on his love of roller-skating to deal with the death of his mother.


'Crash' amuses, fascinates, but never patronizes

Upon hearing that a movie is about racial tension, most people's gut reaction will be to stay away. In the case of "Crash," the directorial debut of writer/director Paul Haggis, the mind behind the "Million Dollar Baby" screenplay, audiences who are able to get past this fear will be rewarded with an incredible film.


Drama doesn't preach

Imagine two actors. One, a talkative veteran, who has been in publicity interviews many times before, is relaxing on a hotel couch, with well-combed and parted hair and wearing a leather jacket. He is very open and seems to be interested in discussion and generally expanding his knowledge.


'Jimmy' eats up Bender Arena

Jimmy Eat World and hot prospects Taking Back Sunday and The Format played Bender Arena Wednesday night to a packed crowd. The Format warmed up the crowd with songs such as their aptly titled probable first single, "The First Single." Taking Back Sunday stormed the stage next with the show's peak of physical energy.


Andrew W.K. parties hard for second AU gig

Another year, another Andrew W.K. Concert. On Friday evening, the Jesus of fun, Andrew W.K., stormed the stage for a crowd of about 400 people, according to SUB estimates. Jason Geisinger, assistant director of SUB, considered the show a resounding success.


Hot Holiday Sequels: Metroid Prime 2, Halo 2, and GTA: San Andreas

With the holiday season approaching, several high-profile video game franchises are looking to cash in on the upcoming gift-giving frenzy. Eagle critics took a look at three of the biggest sequels to three of the biggest titles for the three big console systems: "Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" for the GameCube, "Halo 2" for the Xbox and "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" for PlayStation 2. PC fans, don't fret, because we haven't forgotten you: A "Half-Life 2" review is coming soon.


Coheed and Cambria shed light on sci-fi tetralogy

For those stuck in D.C. for fall break that feel like rock music is too much about getting a broken heart, getting over a broken heart or being angry at parents, stop by the 9:30 club Sunday or Monday night with conceptual rock band Coheed and Cambria and openers Underoath and 3.

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