Insomniac DVD keeps audience in stitches

What is this DVD? Basically, four hilariously dirty comics hit Vegas and Comedy Central tapes it. Dave Attell hosts this night in Vegas with Sean Rouse, Greg Giraldo and Dane Cook. Attell has the most airtime, though it is chopped up among the beginning and middle and also between the other comedian's sets.

The DVD goes on occasional tangents, showing the four comedians doing things together in Las Vegas. Although these are kind of funny, the real comedy lies in the show itself. Attell's bitter and foulmouthed rants often involve the crowd. For example, at one point he asks a red headed woman in the crowd how many dates it would take to be able to call her "clown pussy," and in another instance teases someone else for wearing a cowboy hat and falling asleep.

Next up is Sean Rouse. Rouse seems possibly under the influence but does have some funny moments such as when he says things like, "I was raised Catholic but molested Baptist."

After Rouse is Greg Giraldo. Giraldo, who is best known for his appearances on that Colin Quinn show, discusses topics ranging from getting old and marriage to how great it would be to have a relationship with "bitches" in hip-hop music videos. Giraldo is funny and easily keeps the crowd in stitches.

Dane Cook is by far the most popular of the comics, and thus he has the headlining spot and it is clear the crowd is most into him. Cook's set is great because he adds new material to some of his old classics. The new material includes getting sick from drinking too much in which he hilariously uses a stool as a toilet, inserting tracking devices in infants and the glory of "The Price is Right." Old material includes the coming of age story, the traffic signals story and the "Who's in my mouth?" bit.

Anyone not easily offended and into observational humor will like this DVD.

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