Andrew W.K. parties hard for second AU gig

Another year, another Andrew W.K. Concert. On Friday evening, the Jesus of fun, Andrew W.K., stormed the stage for a crowd of about 400 people, according to SUB estimates.

Jason Geisinger, assistant director of SUB, considered the show a resounding success. He said about 100 more people attended this year, compared to last.

Although the band still performed in good form, it was clear they were a little worn out from travel.

"There was kind of a different energy for this show. It was a different vibe," Geisinger said. "I think they were a little tired. They flew in that morning from various parts of the country, but regardless, it was still awesome."

Some might say it was excessive to bring Andrew W.K. to perform at AU twice in two years, but the students who attended couldn't disagree more.

"I think he's the most amazing man, and he cares about everyone and all his concerts are just like the biggest parties of the year," said Lydia Russo, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. "I think it's wonderful that he's come two years in a row."

Charles Olson, a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs described the concert as "excellent." "It was just as good as last year and I hope we can make it three years in a row," Olson said.

Despite being in the process of recording a new record and follow up to 2003's "The Wolf," Andrew W.K. played no new material at the show. He did, however, play a good mix of music from "The Wolf," including "Long Live the Party," "Your Rules" and "Never Let Down" in combination with many songs off of his breakthrough first album, "I Get Wet," such as "It's Time to Party," "She Is Beautiful" and "Party Hard."

To some students' dismay, Andrew W.K. did not edit his song "I Love New York City" to "I Love American University" as he did last year. He did end the night on a high note with his classic closer "I Get Wet." As usual, members of the crowd were able to get up on stage and dance with the band during the set, though fewer got up than last year.

Bob Tozzi of SUB marveled at the Tavern's makeshift stage.

"I think it went better than last year," Tozzi said. "It always amazes me how sturdy our stage is."

According to Geisinger, Andrew W.K. and his band had a great time performing and were cooperative.

"We have him here because he's so easy to work with," Geisinger said. "Out of all the concerts I've done, this is the first where not a single problem happened all day."

Staff Writer Daniel Longino contributed to this article.

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