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Universities face overcrowding nationwide

AU students suffering from the shortage of on-campus housing are not alone. Many campuses in the D.C. area and across the country are facing similar problems of overcrowding. One of the most famous cases of overcrowding this year has come from Northeastern University in Boston.


New women's basketball coach out to improve record, attitudes

Shann Hart, AU's new women's basketball coach, begins most of her sentences with the words, "I'll be honest with you." It's almost as if she is telling you that she does not have time to make up stories and make everything seem to be something it is not. She was hired late, she knows that those extra months were precious and now she does not want to kid around.


All lose in AU vs CAA

Since the AU administration made the decision to join the Patriot League last spring there has been little to cheer about for AU's student-athletes. Originally their concern was moving from the Colonial Athletic Association to the lower-ranked Patriot League.

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