SC looks forward to new year

We hope you're ready, because this is going to be an absolutely amazing year!

The 2000-2001 Student Confederation is celebrating its 75th anniversary of student government at AU and we are determined to make this one of the best years in SC history. Not only has the SC done a great deal of things this past summer, but we are also proud to announce several new features to the AU community.

Finally, after years of debate and discussion, the administration has finally agreed to start construction on the new university center, which will be on the second floor of Mary Graydon Center. A great deal of time has been spent meeting with architects to ensure that the floor represents what the students want.

SC leaders also met with key administrators in response to complaints about certain aspects of the Code of Conduct. The Dean of Students has agreed to begin holding advisory meetings with the new Director of Judicial Affairs to discuss how to further address key problems with the Code of Conduct.

We are also excited about our unique opportunity to vote on the University Senate. We plan on fully utilizing our voice and voting power. We also plan on presenting a Student Bill of Rights that we hope the Senate and the Board of Trustees will support and adopt.

The members of the Student Confederation are also engaging in an extensive outreach plan that will be focused and representative of the entire campus. We envision a much stronger relationship with the greek community, the Residence Hall Association and all other groups on campus.

The Office of Business and Development was created with the goal of raising money for SC programs and initiatives. The First Step booklet was paid almost in full by this department's efforts over the summer. Artemas Ward Weekend and Homecoming are also well under way in terms of planning. They will hopefully prove to be better than ever before.

The SC will be laying out our Strategic Vision and Customer Service Initiative this fall to help develop a better focus where students can voice their opinion as to where they see AU going. These are just two steps that we will be using to help improve the relationship between students and the administration.

The SC is proud to announce that the Wheel of Fortune Wheel Mobile will be in Bender Arena this Friday. We are also excited that McDonald's will be coming and about the new improvements to the Camps Store and Eagle's Nest. It is also exciting that AU purchased a new shuttle bus and that TDR has new hours and services.

This summer SC leaders also met with the leaders of other universities in the D.C. area. From that meeting came a stronger partnership among allies, to fight for common goals and objectives that impacts D.C. area students.

These are just some of the exciting things that have been going on, and are planned for this year. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you and hope that you get involved. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at x6400 or visit our web site at

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