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Vans to run from Nest to CVS

The Student Government plans to begin running free shuttle vans next semester from AU's main campus to the Tenleytown branches of CVS and Whole Foods to give students a lower-cost alternative to The Eagle's Nest. The primary goal of the program is to pressure The Eagle's Nest to decrease its prices, according to SG President Joe Vidulich.


S.C. denies Colbert candidacy

Facebook is not necessarily an accurate indicator of public opinion, but if it were, Stephen Colbert, a Web site favorite for the presidency, just lost his chance. On Thursday, Democratic Party leaders rejected Colbert's bid to be placed on the South Carolina primary ballot, the only state in which he planned to compete.


AU GOP brings Paul to fundraise

Presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, advocated the virtues of what he called a "free society" during an event hosted by the AU College Republicans Wednesday night. AU CR SPEAKERS SPEAKERS THUS FAR: Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform Former U.


IMF protests turn violent

Several hundred people, including AU students, protested the International Monetary Fund and World Bank's annual meetings over the weekend, at times clashing with police. Wearing black clothing and covering their faces with bandanas to avoid being identified, around 200 to 300 protesters marched through Georgetown Friday night, and around 300 demonstrated in front on the World Bank building Saturday, according to The Washington Post.


AU Greeks defy stereotypical roles

Fraternity and sorority life often brings to mind stereotypical scenes reminiscent of the 1978 film "Animal House," complete with parties, alcohol, sex and mayhem. Yet according to Greeks and non-Greeks, this stereotype doesn't hold up at AU. Veronica Torres, a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs who serves on AU's Greek Life Public Relations Committee, said what AU fraternities and sororities lack in the "Animal House" aspect of Greek life they more than make up for in scholarship and community service.

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