Campus Life

Straight from print: Student groups strive to become more inclusive

This article originally appeared in The Eagle’s December 9 special edition. Many campus organizations are looking to create more inclusive spaces after a semester of divisiveness on campus. This semester has seen a number of tense moments, including racially charged incidents in Anderson Hall in September in which two black female students had bananas thrown at them, transgender discrimination with the arrival of the Westboro Baptist Church on campus on Nov.

Straight from print: Students battle hunger at AU

This article originally appeared in The Eagle’s December 9 special edition. Students, faculty and student organizations are joining forces to work to create a potential food pantry at AU for students who suffer from food insecurity. Food insecurity is not limited to those who may go years without access to reliable food sources— sometimes it just means not knowing where your next meal will come from for a semester, month or even just in the next week.

Straight from print: Where is my money going? The student activity fee explained

This article originally appeared in The Eagle’s October 21 special edition. If you read your tuition bill this semester, you’re likely to find an $88.50 undergraduate activity fee, a charge that goes towards student groups, programming, and events like Charli XCX’s August concert or speakers such as Hasan Minhaj. Every penny of that fee goes into the same account for a total of $1,070,000, according to Michael Elmore, the senior director of University Center and Student Activities.