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Opinion: We need to interrogate AU’s alcohol culture

(04/25/23 1:00pm)

We question everything but alcohol culture. We challenge consumerism. We pick apart our universities’ financial motives. We play devil’s advocate, debate capitalism and discuss the industrial complex of every structure in America. However, we never examine what systems of power are at play when every year the alcohol industry gets $5.5 billion from college students as nearly 700,000 of us get physically assaulted in its presence. 

Opinion: Why are we paying for buildings we can’t get inside of?

(04/24/23 12:54pm)

We often joke about the inconvenience of taking the stairs. No one wants to dredge their feet up them, and even people going to the second floor of a building will opt for the elevator. But what happens when that inconvenience turns into an access issue? What happens when stairs are the only option to get up and down a building; what if your university has buildings that are only accessed through stairs? This is a problem that plagues American University’s campus. 

Threads of expression

(04/21/23 1:00pm)

There is a lot that goes into a craft. It requires a great deal of interest, love and a deep desire to keep learning. All these factors can lead you to be just a bit better than you were the day before. It soon becomes your passion and you dedicate your world to it. The crazy part is that in most cases, you don’t really know what the outcome will be, but that is exactly why a craft is so special. The process of working diligently at something you love is oftentimes thankless, which is why I think it can become so addictive. That is what athletes, creators, thinkers, artists all have in common — a love for the process. Imagine being all of those things, some people are. Take for instance American University’s men’s soccer captain Jerry Zouantcha.