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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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dc fashion week

DC Fashion Week features designs from Ean Williams’ ‘Modern Day Royalty’ collection

A fashionable week comes to a close

DC Fashion Week mixed old royalty and modern designs for the Feb. 25 show. 

Designer and founder of DC Fashion Week, Ean Williams, featured his collection during  International Couture which was inspired by modern day royalty at the third most recognized fashion show in the United States.

The clothing line mainly consists of the color black with some prominent gold elements. The designs showcase Williams’ process of playing with silhouettes, where some are a more “modern” style than others, as they’re shorter in length or feature dramatic slits in the dress skirts. 

Most of the designs feature long and dramatic evening gowns. The designer, along with silhouettes, played around with length and material. 

In an interview, Williams posed a thought-provoking question about what he considers modern day royalty to be. 

“If you were to marry into the royal family and go to a public event, would it be a concert with Taylor Swift or are you going to the Superbowl?” Williams asked. “What would you wear?” 

The collection explored Williams’ inquiry of what it means to be modern royalty. Is it a prominent figure in pop culture, or being a part of a modernized royal family?

The last design featured on the runway was a classic bridal gown. The gown was designed in a traditional form with a long train and veil containing multiple layers. The gown demonstrated a classic and timeless design that belies all trends of modernity. 

Each design featured a balance between modern and traditional elements. Traditional gowns featured a touch modernizing the outfit — whether that was a slit, a cutout, an old Hollywood-esque hat or sheer fabric.  

In an interview with The Eagle, Williams said his collection was a “combination of Bridgerton and Renaissance.” 

“I just go and touch the fabric and see what it makes me feel and gets me in the zone,” Williams said of how he gained inspiration for his “Modern Day Royalty” collection.  

Williams said he thinks of a muse to ensure his designs are authentic and new, despite the challenge of creating never-before-seen pieces. 

“I really stick to old Hollywood glamour.” Williams said. “That’s what I think was the best dressing period ever.” 

He added that he admires how people in the 1950s never failed to “dress the part,” and that both men and women “dressed up every day. I love it.”

Overall, Williams’ show was a perfect balance of reminiscing on the classic take on “royalty” while still modernizing the pieces displayed. The show was well curated as the lighting, backdrops and music perfectly complemented the clothes. 

This article was edited by Eliza DuBose, Sara Winick and Abigail Pritchard. Copy editing done by Luna Jinks and Charlie Mennuti.

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