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First Latinx student trustee hopes to improve connection between board and students

(07/10/17 7:09pm)

Rising junior Valentina Fernández is sitting in a conference room inside the President’s Office Building, awaiting the next Board of Trustees meeting. Although she is surrounded by influential university donors and decision makers, she doesn’t shy away from sharing her ideas and upholds herself with the professionalism she learned from being a student government senator.

Blackballed or not, Kaepernick’s politics are no cause for punishment

(06/28/17 3:31pm)

Last football season, quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee. In doing so, he controversially rocked the core of the sporting world in silent protest. He not only stirred the conversation of police brutality in America, he sparked a heated discussion about the place of politics and protest in sports.

Op-ed: Beware the national debt

(06/28/17 8:00pm)

The national debt is on the rise. Each second, the U.S. accumulates another dollar in debt, ticking the debt clock higher and higher.  Each year, legislators allow us to spend more than the revenues we take in, resulting in large federal deficits, according to the Congressional Budget Office. In 1970, the national debt was $371 billion. Now, it is $20 trillion (If you were wondering, that’s twelve zeros).