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(03/22/04 5:00am)

A newspaper, at its best, reflects the community that it serves. At The Eagle, we strive to report on the news involving our campus and surrounding area. Like other college newspapers, we face a unique challenge not only because we are all students and still learning, but also because each year the staff turns over and we start a new chapter.

Breaking News: Arson sets trash afire in Anderson and Letts

(12/04/03 5:00am)

A series of fires in Anderson and Letts halls early Friday morning are currently under investigation for arson, according to Julie Weber, executive director of Housing and Dining Programs. Five fires were set in trash cans in bathrooms and laundry rooms through the buildings, and evidence of attempted fires - which did not ignite - were found in five additional areas, and included posters on some residence-hall doors. The fire on the sixth floor bathroom of Anderson, the most destructive of the fires, was the last to be discovered around 5:30 a.m. Weber said that MPD is currently following a couple leads in the investigation. "I can't even hazard a guess as why someone would do something this destructive, this disruptive and this dangerous," Weber said. Nothing like this has happened at the University before, she said. In an attempt to prevent copy-cat fires, Public Safety as well as housing and dining staff will make rounds through the residence halls from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. over the next three nights. R.A.'s, desk receptionists as well as select members of the student body will be included in the groups, Weber said. Water damage from sprinklers was reported in a dozen rooms in Anderson, mostly on the sixth floor, Weber said. Students with damaged property should contact their Resident Director as well as their insurance company. Housing and Dining Programs recommends keeping all damaged property, making a list of damages and keeping all receipts and records documenting related expenses. Students with any information are asked to call (202) 885-CLUE.