Nightline asks students about gay marriage

ABC's Nightline came to campus Tuesday to interview students about their thoughts on gay marriage, as part of a reaction piece to President George Bush urging Congress to send a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage to the states.

"We are talking about civil rights," said sophomore Allison Waithe (bottom right), who is the vice president of Queers and Allies, and was featured on the show. "It's not a religious issue; it's a fact that the government favors married couples."

The debate between six students included Waithe, junior Zachary Constantino (bottom left), senior Ibbie Hedrick, junior Dave Hodges (top left), sophomore Nicholas Thorpe and senior Evan Wagner (top right).

"This is an issue that the AU campus is extremely fired up about," said senior Ibbie Hedrick, president of the AU College Republicans, who agrees with the proposed amendment.

A number of different arguments - both for and against - were raised during the hour-long debate.

"I don't want to see the institution of marriage demoralized," Thorpe said during the hour-long debate.

Filmed in AU's Club Council office on the second floor of Mary Graydon Center, only three of the students were featured on Nightline Tuesday night.

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