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‘All In: The Fight for Democracy’ shows the troubling history of voter suppression in the US

(10/02/20 2:20pm)

All eyes were on Georgia during the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election. During the contentious battle between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams, people stood in four-hour lines, voting machines had broken down and voters were randomly purged from the polls or told they had already voted. 

AU students gather at 57th anniversary of the March on Washington

(08/30/20 7:15pm)

Almost 30 years ago, Bijan Moore’s mother attended protests in San Francisco following the savage beating of Rodney King by four Los Angeles Police Department officers. Now, the School of International Service senior is participating in another set of protests, ones he hopes will lead to better awareness, representation and protection for Black people across the United States. 

How student groups used style to support primary presidential candidates

(05/03/20 5:18pm)

While phone banking and canvassing are traditional ways to show your support for a presidential candidate during the primary season, AU student organizations showed that simply sporting a button on your backpack or wearing a t-shirt with your candidate of choice is enough to make a statement.