Olivia O’Brien to perform at Union Stage to promote new album

The singer’s new album “Was It Even Real?” promotes messages of self-love

Olivia O’Brien to perform at Union Stage to promote new album
Olivia O'Brien performing live at The Roxy in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

American singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien will perform at Union Stage Saturday night as part of her national tour to promote her upcoming pop album “Was It Even Real?”

O’Brien said she wants to focus on defying her depression and self-hatred through the album, which can be seen in her new single “Love Myself.” In the song, she sings about needing to love herself before loving anyone else. 

“I wrote [“Was It Even Real?”]  in a really dark place, and I hope I can help other people who may be in that same spot," O’Brien said in a statement. "My idea was for you to listen to the album when you’re feeling sad and by the end, you’ll feel better without even realizing it."

O’Brien was discovered on Soundcloud by rapper and record producer Gnash in 2015. Gnash was impressed by O’Brien’s hit song “hate u, love u” and collaborated with her for the song “I hate u, I love u” on his album, “We,” in 2016. She released her debut EP “It’s Not That Deep” in 2017. 

O’Brien said in the statement that some of her biggest musical influences are Tame Impala, Fleetwood Mac, and Kid Cudi. She isn’t afraid of being transparent with her fans, sharing stories of personal pain and heartbreak in her lyrics.

“Was It Even Real?” will be released on April 26 by Island Records. 

“Love Myself” is available on Spotify and iTunes. Doors for Olivia O’Brien at Union Stage on April 13 open at 6 p.m.

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