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The Eagle endorses Yamillet Payano for student government president

During this special election, Payano is the strongest option for a smooth transition

SG presidential candidate Yamillet Payano speaks to The Eagle about her goals as president. 

As voting for student government president kicks off Tuesday, The Eagle would like to endorse Yamillet Payano. Following the resignation of former Student Government President Taylor Dumpson, we believe Payano is the best person to finish Dumpson’s term.

In her interview for our endorsement, Payano demonstrated that she is not only capable and equipped to succeed in the role, but enthusiastically prepared to do so. Payano’s extensive work in Latinx American Student Organization (LASO) and student government portrays a candidate that can listen, internalize and act with agency for the American University student community. She detailed her ongoing advocacy for undocumented students and the Latinx community with an infectious energy. Most importantly, she represents a strong, focused and unifying figure in a time of political turbulence for many students.

As a second-semester senior with a job lined up for after graduation (congratulations!), Payano stated that her candidacy for the student government presidency is not for resume padding. This is clear to The Eagle. Payano’s academic career here at AU reflects that of a true activist. As student government president, she hopes to promote the Hub for Organizing, Multiculturalism and Equity (HOME), a multicultural space in Mary Graydon Center launched by Dumpson. She aspires to work with President Sylvia Burwell on her Inclusive Excellence plan, launched in January. She wants to ensure a smooth transition for the next SG president, who will be elected following spring break.

The Eagle supports these goals and offers its endorsement to Payano.


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